[id:$00000000][ar:Dana Winner][ti:Moonlight Shadow][by:][hash:0a27c1007b1a449acc8ffaa1b056ed94][al:][sign:][qq:][total:0][offset:0][00:00.58]Dana Winner - Moonlight Shadow[00:02.20]Written by:Mike Oldfield[00:26.98]The last that ever she saw him[00:31.04]Carried away by a moonlight shadow[00:34.69]He passed on worried and warning[00:38.47]Carried away by a moonlight shadow[00:42.23]Lost in a riddle that Saturday night[00:46.01]Far away on the other side[00:49.35]He was caught in the middle of a desperate fight[00:53.19]And she couldn't find how to push through[00:58.77]The trees that whisper in the evening[01:02.94]Carried away by a moonlight shadow[01:06.31]Sing a song of sorrow and grieving[01:10.35]Carried away by a moonlight shadow[01:14.13]All she saw was a silhouette of a gun[01:17.81]Far away on the other side[01:21.15]He was shot six times by a man on the run[01:24.93]And she couldn't find how to push through[01:31.59]I stay I pray[01:34.57]See you in heaven far away[01:39.15]I stay I pray[01:42.06]See you in heaven one day[01:59.20]Four AM in the morning[02:02.96]Carried away by a moonlight shadow[02:06.55]I watched your vision forming[02:10.41]Carried away by a moonlight shadow[02:14.09]Stars move slowly in a silvery night[02:17.81]Far away on the other side[02:21.15]Will you come to talk to me this night[02:25.10]But she couldn't find how to push through[02:31.69]I stay I pray[02:34.46]See you in heaven far away[02:39.13]I stay I pray[02:42.04]See you in heaven one day[03:08.68]Caught in the middle of a hundred and five[03:16.02]The night was heavy and the air was alive[03:19.38]But she couldn't find how to push through[03:27.36]Far away on the other side[03:30.77]The night was heavy and the air was alive[03:34.41]But she couldn't find how to push through[03:38.38]She couldn't find how to push through[03:45.30]How to push through[03:52.82]How to push through[04:00.22]How to push through[04:07.79]How to push through[04:15.32]How to push through


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