[id:$00000000][ar:J.Fla][ti:Natural][by:][hash:06e9e31e230ee601bf4076282d985d61][al:][sign:][qq:][total:143490][offset:0][00:00.47]J.Fla - Natural[00:01.25]作词:Daniel Platzman、Dan Reynolds、Mattias Larsson、Justin Tranter、Wayne Sermon、Ben McKee、Robin Fredriksson[00:12.96]Will you hold the line[00:15.08]When every one of them has given up and given in[00:17.36]Tell me[00:17.97]In this house of mine[00:19.89]Nothing ever comes without a consequence or cost[00:22.06]Tell me[00:22.57]Will the stars align[00:24.70]Will heaven step in[00:25.66]Will it save us from our sin will it[00:27.49]'Cause this house of mine stands strong[00:30.86]That's the price you pay[00:34.35]Leave behind your heart and cast away[00:39.10]Just another product of today[00:43.96]Rather be the hunter than the prey[00:48.51]And you're standing on the edge[00:49.72]Face up 'cause you're a[00:51.04]Natural[00:52.60]A beating heart of stone[00:54.98]You gotta be so cold[00:57.38]To make it in this world[00:59.81]Yeah you're a natural[01:02.19]Living your life cutthroat[01:04.54]You gotta be so cold[01:06.96]Yeah you're a natural[01:10.81]Will somebody[01:12.78]Let me see the light[01:13.81]Within the dark trees shadowing[01:15.38]What's happenin'[01:17.50]Looking' through the glass[01:18.40]Find the wrong within the past knowin'[01:20.14]Oh we are the youth[01:22.32]Cut until it bleeds[01:23.22]Inside a world without the peace face it[01:25.09]A bit of the truth the truth[01:28.43]That's the price you pay[01:31.96]Leave behind your heart and cast away[01:36.71]Just another product of today[01:41.56]Rather be the hunter than the prey[01:46.07]And you're standing on the edge[01:47.28]Face up 'cause you're a[01:48.70]Natural[01:50.21]A beating heart of stone[01:52.54]You gotta be so cold[01:54.96]To make it in this world[01:57.38]Yeah you're a natural[01:59.76]Living your life cutthroat[02:02.13]You gotta be so cold[02:04.61]Yeah you're a natural


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